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Muchos! Taqueria – has been a Family Business tradition in Downtown San Jose for more than 20 years. Muchos! offers residents, workers, and tourists the sole Best taste of Mexico.

Muchos! has won numerous recognitions and raving reviews throughout the years such as “The Best Mexican Food”, “Best Roasted Chicken done al Mesquite” and is famous for it’s secret seasoning and organic chickens.

Every person that visits Muchos! is amazed by our enormous collection of hot sauces, our salsa bar with salsa Verde, Roja and the most requested Orange along with home made jalapeños, onions cilantro, lime, radish and much more.

Don’t miss all the pictures of the different parts of Mexico and it’s traditions through the restaurant.

Remember when you come to Muchos! every item on our menu has been prepared entirely by our own kitchen chef and only the finest and freshest ingredients guaranteed. At Muchos! it’s always

We Endorse SOLE Treadmills

There are several different suppliers of treadmills (even Walmart supply treadmills to eager buyers), and this is what what we have to say about your different choices (and their many benefits).

SOLE treadmills are great for indoor workouts. They are perfect for cold winter weather when jogging outside is not possible. They are also suitable for individuals who would like to have a more controlled workout session with speed control, incline adjustment and heart monitoring equipment. If you are looking for a particular type of treatment and decent reviews, SOLE Fitness may just have exactly what you need. The company offers a wide range of treadmills to suit the needs of different types of users.

The following are 6 SOLE Treadmills and their features, lets start with the SOLE F63 and SOLE F80 treadmill..

1. The F63 SOLE Treadmill

The SOLE F63 treadmill from SOLE Fitness is the successor of the immensely popular F60 model (now discontinued).

It is more powerful and slightly more expensive compared to the old F60, but comes with a better build and more features, a worthy successor all-in-all. It has a similar-sized running base but the motor produces 3.0CHP (DC Type). The LCD display (white back-lit), measuring 6.5 inches, comes with 6 customizable programs. The user can choose between the two heart-rate control programs. Users can set the desired incline angle and speed when working out.

The SOLE F63 Console (2013)

Click here for images of the SOLE F63, click here for a full review of it.

2. The SOLE F80 Treadmill

The SOLE F80 treadmill comes with a 3.5CHP motor and a lifetime warranty.

This treadmill from SOLE Fitness was updated 2013, then again in 2016. My belief is that there should be a new model available again early next year. Since it’s been available for such a long time there are plenty of reviews available online. Before you make a purchase make sure to check out some of the many reviews found online. The easiest way to find specific treadmill reviews is to google them. Head-over to google and search for “sole f80 treadmill review”.

The powerful DC motor can allow speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. The SOLE F80 treadmill gives users more options as far as incline selection is concerned with 15 levels. The unit has a folding frame that makes it easy for the user to move the treadmill. It also comes with the standard running base measuring 20 by 60 feet. Users can track their progress by viewing information about their speed, incline, heart rate, time, distance, pace and calories among other things.

The SOLE F80 Treadmill Console (Left).

Tom Ferguson @ has published more information and a full review of the SOLE F80.

3. The F65 SOLE Treadmill

The F65 is an upgrade of the F63 model. This is a high performance, yet affordable, treadmill. The F65 features a 7.5 inch LCD screen, 3.25CHP motor, built-in speakers, cooling fans and the standard 20 by 60 running base. There are six preset programs that are divided into cardio training and fat burning workout routines. The treadmill is designed for running speeds ranging from 5 to 12 miles per hour.

The SOLE F65 treadmill has been rated the “Best Buy” by several consumer resources and individual consumers.

Click here for product images.

4. The SOLE F85 Treadmill

The SOLE F85 has a larger running surface compared to the other treadmills; it measures 22″ by 60″.

It’s commonly known as the big brother to the SOLE F80. It’s also among the most popular choices of all the different treadmill versions from SOLE Fitness.

The surface can accommodate users weighing up to 400 pounds. It has a powerful 4.0CHP DC motor. With speeds of up to 12mph, the SOLE F85 treadmill is the ultimate indoor exercise machine. The workout display measures 9 inches, and offers easy viewing of important information about the workout session. It comes with 8 programs: 6 standard and 2 custom. The machine is capable of playing MP3 music files and comes with speakers.

The Sole F85 Treadmill Controls (Start, Stop, Safety Switch).

The SOLE F85 Treadmill Controls (Start, Stop, Safety Switch).

The foldable deck increases portability of the equipment, and makes storage easier. publishes expert treadmill reviews, and there are many SOLE F85 treadmill reviews available online, if you want more information.

5. The S77 SOLE Treadmill

According to expert reviews, the S77 has the largest DC motor for a treadmill under $2,000. It has the largest running surface and the biggest deck in the SOLE range of treadmills. The DC motor has an output of 4.0CHP. It can comfortably accommodate users weighing over 400 pounds. The S77 also features a 9 inch LCD display, wireless chest straps and automatic incline adjustments. The treadmill comes with a 30-year warranty.

6. The TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill

The TT8 is an engineering masterpiece. It is much different from all the other treadmills in this range of products. The running surface measures 22″ by 60″. While it may be cheaper compared to most commercial models, its performance is at par with the best commercial treadmills in the market. It comes with a 4.0CHP motor that offers speeds of up to 12mph. Like the S77, this model also comes with wireless chest straps and automatic heart rate control.


The F60 treadmill from SOLE Fitness was for the longest time the cheapest and most basic offering, in circa 2015 it was discontinued. It was replaced by it more potent and upgraded cousin, the F63 (see above). It was the cheapest in the SOLE treadmills range of products. It was easily the most affordable treadmill in the market. The treadmill was powered by a 2.75CHP motor and came with a running deck measuring 20 by 60 feet. The F60 also had a sound system and cooling fans to keep you cool and entertained during your workout sessions.

With a detailed display console, 10 standard workout programs, easy assist folding and cushion flex suspension, the F60 was for the longest time the company’s bestseller (google for images).


The S73 treadmill from SOLE Fitness was a popular treadmill back in 2012, but have since been discontinued and superseded by it more powerful sibling the TT8 (see above). The S73 treadmill came with a 3.75CHP motor and a user-friendly treadmill console. The device also came with a large LCD display with vibrant colors. The readouts were easy on the eyes, so you didn’t need to strain when working out.

Mexican Food Reviewed – Made From Scratch

Te esperamos! Nestor Daniel

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Happy Tacos, Training and Treadmills!