Manual Treadmill; Is It A Worthwhile Investment?

It is almost impossible to find a gym without a treadmill.

This just emphasizes the role a treadmill plays in ensuring a balanced exercise regime suitable for different people in different age groups. Most treadmill users, however, have little if any information on this important exercise machine and are often confused when it comes to buying a treadmill for their home gym.

Treadmills basically come in two forms; electric treadmills and manual treadmills.

Manual Treadmills

So what is a manual treadmill and what makes it different from the electric one?

Well, a manual treadmill as the name suggests runs manually, meaning that it runs without a motor and it does not have to be connected to a power source for it to operate. This makes it possible for users to utilize the machine even when the power is out or in areas like secluded cabins that are not connected to electricity. A manual treadmill has a walking surface made of rubber. This surface moves under the feet as the user and the user is in control of the speed as the machine runs on the users effort.

Electric Treadmills

The electric treadmill on the other hand has the walking belt connected to the motor allowing users’ to play ahead and program the machine to move at a pace they are comfortable with.

The nature of manual treadmills makes them favorable to people who are looking for a machine that challenges them and requires them put some effort in order to run the machine. Manual treadmills are also preferred by many home owners as they are small and can fit in small areas. Some treadmills even fold up making it easy for users to store them after use. Manual treadmills are far cheaper what the electric ones with some going for as low $ 50. They are often quiet and the fact that they are not motorized makes them Eco friendly.

It is important to note that with a manual treadmill, all the effort to run the machine must come from the user.

While this might translate to a more intense workout for some, achieving the set objective is often an uphill task for others especially when it comes to getting the belt started when beginning a workout. Most people used to the electric treadmill will have a hard time switching to the manual one but with its possible to overcome this over time and off course with continued use.

Final Treadmill Advise

Should you buy a manual treadmill?

This pretty much depends on your personal preference. The points above briefly describe what is a manual treadmill and the type of workout you can expect from this type of machine. Whatever your decision, a treadmill is an important addition to your home gym as it allows you to walk, jog, and run when you want to regardless of the weather and your exercise schedule. Manual or electric, the purpose of a treadmill is to get a great workout.

Ensure then that you use your exercise machine of choice to get exactly what you are looking for and meet most if not all your health and fitness goals.

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