Tips for Shopping for a Great Walmart Treadmill

Finding the ideal walmart treadmill can be quite challenging due to the numerous options that are found in the market today. Funny stories here!

To get the one that suits your need best, it is important to know what you are looking for as per personal fitness goals.

Some of the things to consider before you settle on the treadmill to purchase include:

walmart treadmills


It is important to know the prices of the treadmills to budget effectively for the one that you will get.

Most range from $ 500- $ 1500 although you can find some that cost more than $ 3000. You can however look for significant discounts and sales that will help you save some money.

Horsepower or motor

While shopping for a walmart treadmill, it is important to understand that motor matters a lot as it normally gets the heaviest workout.

Horsepower on the other hand can be quite confusing.

You need to look at the one that reads “continuous duty” as the one with “peak duty” has less value. Get the one that has the longest warranty on the motor ( at least 12 months). Opt for Direct Current (DC) motors are generally quitter.

Smooth ride and stability

Always test the treadmill you intend to buy before actually spending money on it.

This should be done with workout clothes and shoes. A jerky or shaky ride is simply unacceptable. Hand rails should feel sturdy and they should also be in a position where you can grip firmly without getting in the way of arm motion. The belt must also be long and wide enough to accommodate your stride.

Work out features

It is highly recommended that you go for a walmart treadmill that comes with numerous pre- set as well as programmable workouts to vary both incline and pace so that you do not get bored.

Speed and incline speed should be adjusted easily on the console. Pulse monitor is a plus. You can also get one that has a book rack, water bottle, plug for audio, video or the internet to access new workouts. The videos and books can help you go in the right direction.

Space and noise

The treadmill you decide to settle for should work with your space.

Check the size when it is folded or stored as the piece of equipment may look small at the store but become too huge for your storage space. You should also consider the noise levels especially if you want to listen to music or watch TV as you’re working out.

Motorized versus manual

Most people are normally drawn to get the manual treadmill because of the cost implications.

These however have numerous drawbacks especially when compared to the motorized walmart treadmill. For starters, they are normally a little hard to start moving without utilizing an extreme incline. As soon as you start moving, the incline cannot be changed. The low price may also signify a less sturdy construction.

You can also choose between a non- folding or folding treadmill where you are supposed to look at how easy it is to move stability and weight capacity.

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